How Does it Work?

Q. How does it work, do we pay you or you pay us?

A. Every house is different, most houses have positives (easily saleable items) and negatives (items needing to be disposed of ie. old beds).

The positives we pay you for, and the negatives we will have to charge a fee to remove since it costs us money to dispose of them.

Depending on the ratio between these two, will result in there being a fee, or more desirably a payment to you.

Q. Can you lift and remove carpets?

A. Yes, it’s not a problem to remove and dispose of old carpeting.

Q. Can you remove just a single item?

A. Yes, no problem!

Q. Are you licenced and registered to carry waste?

A. Yes, we are. Our registered waste carriers licence number is CB/HM3987ZQ

Q. What happens to the items?

A. 1st choice – items are sold where possible;
2nd choice – items are recycled where possible, all wood, metal, cardboard, material, plastic, etc;
3rd choice – landfill;

For obvious reasons we would prefer to sell items, recycling is good for our business and the environment, and although time consuming we get paid for recycling certain items.

Sending items to landfill is the last resort, firstly for the environment, and secondly for the high expense.

Q. Do you buy antiques?

A. Yes, we will pay good cash prices for antiques.

Q. Do you clear flats?

A. Yes we do.

Q. Can you remove pianos?

A. Yes, unfortunately due to their recent unpopularity, weight, and size we charge £250+VAT to remove and dispose of an upright piano.

Q. There is an old car on the drive or in garage, can you remove this too?

A. No problem, we work very closely with a metal recycler and can have it collected and disposed of.

Q. Can you clear the property without us been there?

A. Yes we can, we can collect keys from family, neighbours, solicitors or estate agents and call you with a fixed quote before work commences.

Q. The fridge/freezer is still full, can you dispose of food stuffs?

A. Yes we can, we do this regularly.

Q. The house is just full of rubbish, can you clear it?

A. Yes, depending on the quantity and actual items will reflect in the cost, this is based simply on the cost to us of disposing of the items and our time.

Q. There are items in the property that family members want to keep, can you transport it to them?

A. Yes we can transport furniture throughout the uk.

Q How quickly can you clear a house?

A. Depending on the size of the clearance, sometimes within a day. We clear approx. 3 properties a week and normally have the keys for each of these, so we could delay these and concentrate our energy on your more urgent clearance.

Q. Can you give us a quote over the phone?

A. We may able to give you some idea over the telephone, but with all contents being different we would ideally prefer to visit the property and give a free quotation based on the actual contents and work required.

Alternativly we can normally quote with pictures sent to our email or mobile phone (number upon request).

Q. Do you pay in cash?

A. We can pay you in cash, or by cheque or sameday bank transfer – whichever you prefer and is most convenient for you.